Collection: Brutal East
Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm

Zupagrafika Architectural Models

Ref: ZUP-1   EAN: 9788394750312
Brutal East
Ref: ZUP-2   EAN: 9788394750305
Brutal London: Aylesbury Estate
Ref: ZUP-5   EAN: 9788394936402
Brutal London: Balfron Tower
Ref: ZUP-6   EAN: 9788394750367
Brutal London: Barbican
Ref: ZUP-7   EAN: 9788394750374
Brutal London: Ledbury Estate
Ref: ZUP-8   EAN: 9788394936419
Brutal London: Robin Hood Gardens
Ref: ZUP-9   EAN: 9788394750398
Brutal London: Space House
Ref: ZUP-11   EAN: 9788394750381
Modern East
Ref: ZUP-13   EAN: 9788394750343
Paris Brut: Centre National de la Danse
Ref: ZUP-16   EAN: 9788394936471
Paris Brut: Cite Curial-Michelet
Ref: ZUP-17   EAN: 9788394936433
Paris Brut: Cite des 4000
Ref: ZUP-18   EAN: 9788394936457
Paris Brut: Les Choux de Creteil
Ref: ZUP-19   EAN: 9788394936464
Paris Brut: Orgues de Flandre
Ref: ZUP-20   EAN: 9788394936440
The Constructivist
Ref: ZUP-22   EAN: 9788394750329
This playful look at the "sleeping districts" of Moscow, the plattenbau constructions of East Berlin, the Warsaw estates built over the ruins of the old ghetto and the panelák blocks in Prague includes made up of four fold-up nesting concrete modernist blocks. Can be assembled without glue or scissors.
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