Collection: Brutal London
Dimensions: 90mm x 140mm

Zupagrafika Stationery

Brutal London Notebook: Barbican
Ref: ZUP-3   EAN: 0645638533324
Brutal London Notebook: Robin Hood Gardens
Ref: ZUP-4   EAN: 0645638533331
Brutal London: Set of 4 Postcards
Ref: ZUP-10   EAN: 9788394936488
Eastern Blocks Set of 3 Brutalist Notebooks
Ref: ZUP-12   EAN: 0645638533362

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Paris Brut Notebook: Choux de Creteil
Ref: ZUP-14   EAN: 0645638533348
Paris Brut Notebook: Immeuble Mouchotte
Ref: ZUP-15   EAN: 0645638533355
Paris Brut: Set of 4 Postcards
Ref: ZUP-21   EAN: 9788394936495
Warsaw Notebook: Za Zelazna Brama Estate
Ref: ZUP-23   EAN: 0645638533317
Features a detailed illustration of the iconic brutalist facade by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. Printed on eco-friendly paper and card stock; 64 blank pages.