Collection: Paul & Joe
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 80mm
Diameter: 88mm

Turn Clips, Paul & Joe

Clips set 6p, PAUL & JOE //NEKO
Ref: PAJ-CLP2-I   EAN: 4516278960060
Expected 20 Oct 2017

Out of stock

Turn clip, PAUL & JOE // Stripe Bouquet
Ref: PAJ-CLP1-E   EAN: 4516278949393
Turn clip, PAUL & JOE // Suiboku Cat
Ref: PAJ-CLP1-F   EAN: 4516278949409
These amazingly cute and elegant cat-shaped gold turnclips come packaged in a box illustrated with non-less cute neko cats, with a transparent window to showcase the clips.
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