Brand: I Love Mel
Dimensions: 165mm x 118mm

Temporary Tattoos

1980s Temporary Tattoos - I Love Mel
Ref: ILM-TT1   EAN: 9690000014308
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Ref: LITO-1   EAN: 726670480392
Ref: LITO-2   EAN: 726670480415
Jane Eyre
Ref: LITO-3   EAN: 726670480408
Pride & Prejudice
Ref: LITO-4   EAN: 726670480422
Sherlock Holmes
Ref: LITO-5   EAN: 726670480439
Ref: LITO-6   EAN: 726670480446
15 retro temp tattoos by the queen of pop culture illustration, I Love Mel.
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