Collection: David Shrigley
Brand: Third Drawer Down
Dimensions: 670mm x 500mm

Tea Towel

Be Nice Tea Towel David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-TEATOWEL2   EAN: 614253694673
Cat Nap Pillow Case (Pair)
Ref: PILLO-1   EAN: 5060337790093
Craig Damrauer Modern Art Tea Towel
Ref: TDDS-CD-TT-MODERN   EAN: 614253694277
Dog Napper Pillow Case (Pair)
Ref: PILLO-2   EAN: 5060337790413
Dogs of London Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-3   EAN: 5060337790086
Fancy Room Tea Towel David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-TT-FANCYROOM   EAN: 614405139069
Great Britain Big Cats Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-4   EAN: 5060337790284
Great British Locations for Book Lovers
Ref: TTOW-9   EAN: 5060337790918
Life Is Fantastic Tea Towel David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-TEATOWE   EAN: 614405139052
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 01 Nov 2018

Out of stock

Littery London
Ref: TTOW-10   EAN: 5060337790925
Owl Factor Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-6   EAN: 5060337790451
Rain Spotting Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-8   EAN: 5060337790819
Spar Towns Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-10   EAN: 5060337790895
Star Chart Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-5   EAN: 5060337790321
Tea Towel #1 Is The Art Pretty
Ref: TDDS-WGG-TTOWEL-PRET   EAN: 614253694789
Tea Towel #4 John Sees The Painting
Ref: TDDS-WGG-TTOWEL_PAIN   EAN: 614253694819
Tea Towel #5 I Want To Play With The Balloon
Ref: TDDS-WGG-TTOWEL-BALL   EAN: 614253694826
The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist Tea Towel
Ref: TTDS-GG-TTOWEL   EAN: 608938707970
Unwanted Gift Tea Towel
Ref: TTOW-9   EAN: 5060337790871
Wildlife of London Tea Towel Blue
Ref: TTOW-2   EAN: 5060337790079
Wildlife of London Tea Towel Red
Ref: TTOW-1   EAN: 5060337790062
David Shrigley linen print aka tea towel, featuring Be Nice. Size: 67cm x 50cm
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