Collection: Paul & Joe
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 110mm x 85mm

Sticky Notes, Paul & Joe

Sticky Notes Paul & Joe // Chrysanthemum
Ref: PAJ-F1-A   EAN: 4516278933941
Sticky Notes Paul & Joe // Enchanted Feather Tree
Ref: PAJ-F1-C   EAN: 4516278933965
Sticky Notes Paul & Joe // Chess Cat
Ref: PAJ-F1-B   EAN: 4516278933958
Sticky notes set, PAUL & JOE // Stripe Bouquet
Ref: PAJ-F1-E   EAN: 4516278947177
Sticky notes set, PAUL & JOE // Suiboku Cat
Ref: PAJ-F1-F   EAN: 4516278947184
Fun and beautifully packaged pocket sized sticky notes featuring motifs from the Paul & Joe stationery collection to stick a small of beauty everywhere.
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