Collection: Pin Wall Maps
Brand: Palomar
Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm

Pin Wall Maps

Berlin Blue Pin City
Ref: PC-BE/LB   EAN: 8033020510718
London Black Pin City
Ref: PC-LO/B   EAN: 8033020510732
London Blue Pin City
Ref: PC-LO/LB   EAN: 8033020510749
New York Black Pin City
Ref: PC-NY/B   EAN: 8033020510763
Pin World Mini - Blue
Ref: PW-MINI/LB   EAN: 8033020511074
You can use these felt maps to mark your favourite places in the city, or as a bulletin board for photos, tickets, notes or souvenirs. The attractive package includes a set of 15 special pins to use with the map.
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