Collection: OHTO, Pencil Ball 0.5
Brand: Mark's Tokyo Edge
Dimensions: 137mm x 7mm
Diameter: 7.6mm
Tip: 0.5mm

Pencil Ball G 0.5

Pencil Ball Gel 0.5, OHTO // Black
Ref: NKG-450E-BK   EAN: 4971516019687
Pencil Ball Gel 0.5, OHTO // Burgundy
Ref: NKG-450E-EN   EAN: 4971516019663
Pencil Ball Gel 0.5, OHTO // Green
Ref: NKG-450E-GN   EAN: 4971516019656
Pencil Ball Gel 0.5, OHTO // Natural
Ref: NKG-450E-NT   EAN: 4971516019649
Pencil Ball Gel 0.5, OHTO // Yellow
Ref: NKG-450E-YL   EAN: 4971516019670
Refill for Pencil Ball Gel, OHTO
Ref: G-95NPS   EAN: 4971516019755
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 03 Dec 2018

Out of stock

OHTO’s newest complement to the Pencil Ball 1.0, with an even finer tip at 0.5mm, a thinner body and black gel ink that makes for an exceptionally smooth writing experience.
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