Collection: MONUmini
Brand: Another Studio
Dimensions: 228mm x 164mm


Barbican Tower MONUmini
Ref: MM-2   EAN: 609728266172
Battersea Power Station MONUmini
Ref: MM-4   EAN: 609728266196
Brandenburg Gate MONUmini
Ref: MM-6   EAN: 609728266264
Centre Pompidou MONUmini
Ref: MM-7   EAN: 610696091666
Crystal Palace MONUmini
Ref: MM-9   EAN: 799439116313
Notre Dame Cathedral MONUmini
Ref: MM-5   EAN: 609728266257
Post Office Tower MONUmini
Ref: MM-3   EAN: 609728266202
Royal Albert Hall MONUmini
Ref: MM-12   EAN: 0799439116443
Tower Bridge MONUmini
Ref: MM-1   EAN: 609728266189
MONUmini is an iconic architectural model kit; a perfect memento, perfect present for an architecture student or a gift for any design enthusiast. The kit includes a sheet of etched stainless steel pieces, which fold and lock together to create the miniature structure. Each kit also includes step-by-step assembly instructions and a short building history which is all packed into an attractive envelope making them a great little (easy-to-post!) souvenir.