Collection: Mini-Onaire
Brand: Another Studio
Dimensions: 107mm x 107mm


Ref: MINI-03   EAN: 0797776163533
Minionaire Car
Ref: MINI-07   EAN: 0797776163571
Minionaire Castle
Ref: MINI-02   EAN: 0797776163526
Minionaire Cocktail
Ref: MINI-08   EAN: 0797776163588
Minionaire Crown
Ref: MINI-04   EAN: 0797776163540
Minionaire Ferris Wheel
Ref: MINI-11   EAN: 0797776163618
Minionaire Globe
Ref: MINI-10   EAN: 0797776163595
Minionaire Helicopter
Ref: MINI-05   EAN: 0797776163557
Minionaire Mansion
Ref: MINI-01   EAN: 0799439116498
Minionaire Submarine
Ref: MINI-06   EAN: 0797776163564
Minionaire Yacht
Ref: MINI-09   EAN: 0797776163601
Anyone can feel like a mini millionaire with this tiny object of desire! Get away from it all with this tiny hot air balloon - one of eleven designs in the range of mini-onaires. Each pack contains one brass model with step by step assembly instructions. Simply fold the metal into shape. No adhesives required but tweezers or small pliers maybe helpful.
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