Collection: masté, masté Multi Photo Frame
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 7000mm x 20mm
Diameter: 35mm

masté Multi - Photo Frame

Classical Frame / Multi, 1P - 7mx20mm
Ref: MST-MKT31-A   EAN: 4516278615458
Frame Green // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT32-GN   EAN: 4516278615465
Frame Pink // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT32-RPK   EAN: 4516278615472
Frame Turquoise // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT32-TQ   EAN: 4516278615489
Negative film // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT29-A   EAN: 4516278615434
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 05 Jan 2017

Out of stock

News Paper // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT34-A   EAN: 4516278615502
Tile // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT30-A   EAN: 4516278615441
Wooden Frame // Multi, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-MKT33-A   EAN: 4516278615496
The go-to decorative masking tape made from Japanese-style washi paper. It is easy to use and doesn’t leave any glue trace. The huge variety of unique designs means there are endless possibilities at your fingertips: decorate stationery, letters and presents – or even walls and pieces of furniture!
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