Collection: masté
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 15mm
Diameter: 35mm

masté Collab'- Marble Sud

Maste Marble Sud / Owl / Animal 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-B   EAN: 4516278947825
Maste Marble Sud /Polar Bear 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-A   EAN: 4516278947818
Maste Marble Sud Cat // Animal - 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-C   EAN: 4516278947832
Maste Marble Sud Cat Pattern // Animal - 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-D   EAN: 4516278947849
Maste Parrot // Animal, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB02-A   EAN: 4516278947856
Maste Safari // Animal, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB02-B   EAN: 4516278947863
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 30 Sep 2018

Out of stock

Mark’s has collaborated with Japanese fashion brand Marble Sud, known for their focus on hand drawn illustration. Ideal for everyone who enjoys crafts, arts, , mail art and many more creative activities.
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