Collection: masté
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 15mm
Diameter: 35mm

masté Collab'- Marble Sud

Maste Marble Sud / Owl / Animal 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-B   EAN: 4516278947825
Maste Marble Sud /Polar Bear 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-A   EAN: 4516278947818
Maste Marble Sud Cat Pattern // Animal - 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB01-D   EAN: 4516278947849
Maste Parrot // Animal, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB02-A   EAN: 4516278947856
Maste Safari // Animal, 1P - 7m
Ref: MST-ZB02-B   EAN: 4516278947863
Mark’s has collaborated with Japanese fashion brand Marble Sud, known for their focus on hand drawn illustration. Ideal for everyone who enjoys crafts, arts, , mail art and many more creative activities.
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