Brand: TMOD
Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm

Mask Cards

Border Collie Mask Card
Ref: MASK-1   EAN: 9690000013851
Cockatoo Mask Card
Ref: MASK-2   EAN: 9690000009397
Duck Mask Card
Ref: MASK-3   EAN: 9690000016753
Enchantress Mask Card
Ref: MASK-4   EAN: 9690000010232
Fox Mask Card
Ref: MASK-5   EAN: 9690000007287
Horse Mask Card
Ref: MASK-6   EAN: 9690000016760
Kangaroo Mask Card
Ref: MASK-7   EAN: 9690000009380
Lion Mask Card
Ref: MASK-8   EAN: 9690000009434
Rabbit Mask Card
Ref: MASK-10   EAN: 9690000007294
Santa's Beard Mask Card
Ref: MASK-11   EAN: 9690000009526
Sugar Skull Mask Card
Ref: MASK-12   EAN: 9690000010249
TMOD Mask Cards double as a party mask and come with a sticker, elastic and metal eyelets to make your mask. An original illustration with a space to write your message, Mask Cards are all about having fun!
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