Collection: OHTO, Mechanical Pencil 2.0
Brand: Mark's Tokyo Edge
Dimensions: 12mm x 9mm

Maruta Mechanical Pencils

Eraser for Mechanical pencil 2.0, OHTO
Ref: APS-680E   EAN: 4971516012312
Mechanical Pencil Lead Case, OHTO
Ref: SPC-350   EAN: 4971516014842
Mechanical Pencil Lead, OHTO
Ref: SL-152-HB5P   EAN: 4971516018260
Mechanical pencil Maruta, OHTO // Brown
Ref: APS-680M-BN   EAN: 4971516021642
Mechanical pencil Maruta, OHTO // Natural
Ref: APS-680M-NT   EAN: 4971516021680
Mechanical pencil Maruta, OHTO // Orange
Ref: APS-680M-OR   EAN: 4971516021659
Mechanical pencil Maruta, OHTO // Red
Ref: APS-680M-RD   EAN: 4971516021666
Mechanical pencil Maruta, OHTO // White
Ref: APS-680M-WT   EAN: 4971516021673
Plastic Sharpener, OHTO
Ref: SPN-70   EAN: 4971516012459
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 20 Mar 2019

Out of stock

Sharpener, OHTO
Ref: SPN-400   EAN: 4971516014859
New accessory for the brilliant Sharp Mechanical Pencils and Pencil Ball pens. OHTO’s Sharp line combines specialist savoir-faire with a seemingly traditional design for a great writing experience.
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