Dimensions: 179mm x 129mm

Temporary Literary Tattoos

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Ref: LITO-1   EAN: 726670480392
Ref: LITO-2   EAN: 726670480415
Jane Eyre
Ref: LITO-3   EAN: 726670480408
Pride & Prejudice
Ref: LITO-4   EAN: 726670480422
Sherlock Holmes
Ref: LITO-5   EAN: 726670480439
Ref: LITO-6   EAN: 726670480446
Temporary tattoos to share favourite literary quotes with the world. Each pack contains 6 unforgettable quips and quotes from memorable characters of beloved classics. From "We're all mad here" to "Elementary" to "My fellings will not be repressed", anyone can now wear their literary feelings on their sleeves.
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