Collection: Ladurée
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 122mm x 134mm
Diameter: 47mm

Ladurée Bag Charms

Bag Charm Ladurée Heart Box // Fruits des Bois Jasmin
Ref: LDR-CH4-PK   EAN: 4516278628816
Bag Charm Ladurée Heart Box // Poetic
Ref: LDR-CH5-PK   EAN: 4516278683358
Bag Charm, Ladurée // Macaron Heart Raspberry
Ref: LDR-CH6-PK   EAN: 4516278933538
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 22 Nov 2018

Out of stock

This beautiful collection is sure to delight the hearts of Ladurée lovers and makes the perfect gift: a special treat for someone special or to oneself.
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