Collection: Hi Art
Brand: Third Drawer Down
Dimensions: 9.5mm x 7.5mm

Hi Art Pins and Patches

Hi Art Contemporary Whatever Pin
Ref: HA_PIN_WHATEVER   EAN: 614253694741
Hi Art Iron-on Embroidered Patch
Ref: TDD-HA007   EAN: 614405139250
Hi Art Pin
Ref: HA_PIN_HIART   EAN: 614253694796
Hi Art Pop Art Can Pin
Ref: HA_PIN_CAN   EAN: 614253694758
Hi Art Pop Art Iron-on patch
Ref: TDD-HA004   EAN: 614405139243
Hi Art Surrealism Iron-on Patch
Ref: TDD-HA002   EAN: 614405139236
Hi Art Surrealism Pipe Pin
Ref: HA_PIN_PIPE   EAN: 614253694529
Hi Art Video Art Iron-on Patch
Ref: TDD-HA001   EAN: 614405139229
Hi Art is an accessible collection of bite-sized movements morphed into educational, fun products for all ages. From Contemporary Art to Surrealism and Pop Art, Hi Art presents an incredibly shoppable range of gifts.
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