Collection: Guerilla Girls
Brand: Third Drawer Down
Dimensions: 210mm x 290mm

Guerrilla Girls

Dear Art Collector Handkerchief
Ref: TTDS-GG-HANK   EAN: 608938707963
Do Women Have To Be Naked Mug
Ref: TTDS-GG-METMUG   EAN: 608938707987
Guerilla Advantages Of Being A Woman Clutch
Ref: TTDS-GG-CLUTCH   EAN: 614253694987
Guerilla Air Freshener X Guerilla Girls
Ref: TTDS-GG-CARFRESH   EAN: 608938708113
Guerilla Girls Disturbing The Peace Jigsaw Puzzle
Ref: TDDS-GG-JIGSAW   EAN: 614253694420
Guerilla Girls Kids T-shirt Size 3
Ref: TDDS_GG_TSHIRT_GORIL   EAN: 680491201560
Guerilla Girls Kids T-shirt Size 5
Ref: TDDS_GG_TSHIRT_GORIL   EAN: 680491201621
Guerilla Girls Kids T-shirt Size 7
Ref: TDDS_GG_TSHIRT_GORIL   EAN: 680491201638
Guerilla Girls Pin
Ref: TDDS_GG_PIN_GORILLA   EAN: 680491201577
Guerilla Girls Postcard Boxed Set
Ref: TTDS-GG-POSTCARD   EAN: 614253694994
Guerilla Girls Tote Bag
Ref: TDDS-GGTOTE   EAN: 680491201553
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The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist Tea Towel
Ref: TTDS-GG-TTOWEL   EAN: 608938707970
A 100% lawn cotton handkerchief with embroidery that can be seen as a functional domestic art handkerchief or an artwork to be framed and displayed. 
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