Collection: David Shrigley
Brand: Third Drawer Down
Dimensions: 90mm x 66mm

David Shrigley Games

Deck Of 54 Cards David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-CARDS   EAN: 614405139090
Domino Set David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-DOMINO   EAN: 614405139106
I Collect Records Professional Frisbee David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-FRISBEE   EAN: 614405139083
Toy Ornament David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-TOY-ORNAMENT   EAN: 614405138642
Toy Rights For Soft Toys David Shrigley
Ref: TDDS-DS-TOY-RIGHTS   EAN: 614405138659
A true test in skill and chance, and individually illustrated by David Shrigley, these cards are a revolt against modern deck formats with only black suits in the entire pack. 
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