Collection: Flat Pet
Dimensions: 297mm x 262mm

Flat Pets

Flat Pet Corgi
Ref: FPET-15   EAN: 5060337790864
Flat Pet Kitten Ginger
Ref: FPET-1   EAN: 5060337790000
Flat Pet Kitten White
Ref: FPET-2   EAN: 5060337790017
Flat Pet Labrador Puppy
Ref: FPET-3   EAN: 5060337790024
Flat Pet Love Pug
Ref: FPET-11   EAN: 5060337790307
Flat Pet Monkey
Ref: FPET-7   EAN: 5060337790116
Flat Pet Owl
Ref: FPET-6   EAN: 5060337790055
Flat Pet Panda
Ref: FPET-8   EAN: 5060337790123
Flat Pet Penguin
Ref: FPET-9   EAN: 5060337790130
Flat Pet Pomeranian Dog
Ref: FPET-5   EAN: 5060337790048
Flat Pet Pug with Antlers
Ref: FPET-10   EAN: 5060337790291
Flat Pet Rabbit
Ref: FPET-4   EAN: 5060337790031
Flat Pet White Kitten with Xmas Glasses
Ref: FPET-12   EAN: 5060337790673
Flatsidermy: Butterflies
Ref: FPET-13   EAN: 5060337790710
Flatsidermy: Owl
Ref: FPET-14   EAN: 5060337790727
Flatsidermy: Squirrel
Ref: FPET-12   EAN: 5060337790703
Want a pet, but live in a flat? Every animal lover’s nightmare is solved with Chris Ratcliffe’s Flat Pet range, a range of hand screen-printed cardboard cut-outs of the cutest possible pets. All the doting without the guilt and fuss! Comes printed and die cut on A4 sheet of 1000gsm recycled grey board with attached stand.
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