Collection: Paul & Joe
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 180mm x 65mm
Diameter: 9mm

Ballpoint Pens, PAUL & JOE

Ballpoint Pen Paul & Joe // Ivory
Ref: PAJ-BP1-IV   EAN: 4516278934054
Ballpoint Pen Paul & Joe // Pink
Ref: PAJ-BP1-PK   EAN: 4516278934061
Ballpoint Pen Paul & Joe // Blue
Ref: PAJ-BP1-BL   EAN: 4516278934078
Product out of stock. Expected back in stock 25 Jan 2018

Out of stock

Ballpoint pen NEKO, PAUL & JOE // Ivory
Ref: PAJ-BP2-IV   EAN: 4516278960077
Ballpoint pen NEKO, PAUL & JOE // Navy
Ref: PAJ-BP2-NV   EAN: 4516278960091
Ballpoint pen NEKO, PAUL & JOE // Pink
Ref: PAJ-BP2-PK   EAN: 4516278960084
Brand new pen collection. These elegant ballpoint pens have an elegant and charming neko cat perched on top of the pen. Comes packaged in its own delicately illustrated case.
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