Collection: Wild Pattern
Brand: Mark's Inc.
Dimensions: 155mm x 115mm

2019 Diary Vertical, Wild Pattern

2019 Diary A6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Cheetah
Ref: 19DRI-AV05-C   EAN: 4516278979451
2019 Diary A6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Leaf
Ref: 19DRI-AV05-B   EAN: 4516278979444
2019 Diary B6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Cheetah
Ref: 19DRI-CV02-C   EAN: 4516278979857
2019 Diary B6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Flower
Ref: 19DRI-CV02-A   EAN: 4516278979833
2019 Diary B6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Leaf
Ref: 19DRI-CV02-B   EAN: 4516278979840
2019 Diary B6 vertical, Wild Pattern//Swallow
Ref: 19DRI-CV02-D   EAN: 4516278979864
New Mark’s Inc. A6 2019 diary is available in 4 fun and lively patterns. Running from September 2018 to December 2019 with a weekly view plus a handy monthly overview page, this classic diary combines design and function. The PVC cover means that stored objects are visible and smartphone touchscreens can be operated. The front zipper provides plenty of storage for a phone, pouches or pens and the slits in the inside flaps can fit business cards, tube maps, travel tickets and other useful documents.
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